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In contrast to forums, where discussion of topics is light and informal, blogs, that is web logs provide an informative one directional approach to offering information. Much like forums, there are millions of blogs scattered throughout the internet wherein blog owners offer their opinions and analysis on products, ideas and indeed, even philosophies. These internet blogs review both websites and content of websites so as to provide the public an opinion as to your website’s validity. Favorable blog postings send qualified customers to your website. Blog postings may also serve as a source of relevant inbound links.

Blog posting for promotion and one way linking
An excellent means of promoting a website is through blog posting. Web logs, commonly known as blogs, are websites created by individuals for discussion of any and every product or idea under the sun. There are blogs about everything. Blogs can be divided into three base categories. These are general topics blogs, niche blogs and personal blogs. A general topics blog will be filled with categories, each devoted to and delving into a specific business or social department. General topics blogs will have categories such as business, health or shopping. Within the twenty to fifty categories of a general topics blog, there is almost certain to be a connection for relevancy to your website.

Niche blogs are simply web logs devoted to a specific content. A niche may be somewhat general such as health or more targeted in it’s appeal, such as health insurance. In either case, if your website were to be selling health insurance, a blog post about your website would be applicable and relevant within that blog.
The third most prevalently used type of blogs are personal blogs. These are online journals of an individual’s beliefs, philosophies or simple daily occurrences. The blog owner makes occasional posts sharing events of their life with the world at large. Unless the blog owner happens to be an expert in the field related to your website, you are not likely to receive a blog post on their blog.

Through our established network of popular worldwide general and niche blogs, Top SEOz can arrange for tens, hundreds, even thousands of blog post articles to be written about your website and it’s enclosed products. Sometimes blog posts are written in the form of a review of your website itself. Other time a post may be a discussion of a new product being offered and in a further instance, a blog post article may be a simple informative discussion of goods or services relevant to your business. A review of your website on a blog post, as prearranged by Top SEOz will always be a positive and favorable article post. Blog post articles discussing your products are virtual sales presentations. Informational articles serve the purpose of referencing your website to general knowledge on the topic of your product.

All of these blog post articles serve two greater functions. Every article has within it from one to three keyword phrases skillfully written into the content of the article. These keyword phrases are also hypertext links back to your home page or an internal page of your website. These relevant links pass Google page rank directly to your website. They are a major source of quality inbound links. The second benefit of blog posting is that interested parties will read these posts and follow the inclusive links directly to your website. Blog postings are yet another source of website traffic.




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